Group Information

One of the GSR’s duties is to  supply the DCM with up-to-date group information, which is relayed to GSO – either directly to the Records department, or through the area registrar, for inclusion in the directories and for GSO mailings.

The best way for an active GSR to provide meeting information is through the Area 48 meeting database; which contains all up-to-date information regarding your meeting.

When you use the “New Group / Group Change Form” link below,  your district records keeper is advised via email and can then update the area’s database.  These updates feed the GSO’s Meeting App which has been downloaded on many AA member phones.

Should the GSR, alternate GSR, or mail contact for your group change – you would be best served by completing the “Add / Change / Update – GSR” Form.  This will result in the area, local Intergroup/Central Office, district records person, and GSO being updated.