GSR Duties

  • 2 Year Commitment 
  • Attend District Meetings 
  • Attend Area Assemblies 
  • Serve as the mail contact for the General Service Office 
  • Receive the General Service Office bulletin – Box 459 (Information on A.A. activities Worldwide) 
  • Serve as email and mail contact with your District Committee Member (DCM) 
  • Provide up-to-date group information through the area registrar or through the General Service Office directly. 
  • Review new literature, guidelines, bulletins, videos etc. from G.S.O. 
  • Study and learn about the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts and become familiar with the General Service Manual 
  • Work with your group’s treasurer to develop plans for the support of the General Service Office and your District. A Regular Contribution Plan and the Birth- day Plan encourage the group to support the area, the district committees and local central offices or intergroup. (Read the pamphlet “Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix” 
  • Participate in District and area meetings and often help with planning for area get-togethers and conventions. 
  • Make regular reports to your group that require no vote but informs them of what is happening in A.A. General Service. 
  • Bring Information about workshops, conferences and District and Area activities to the group and invite them to participate. 

See Page S26 in the A.A. Service Manual for more details.