How to make a GSR Report

It’s important to get your group used to hearing a GSR report. We suggest your report be weekly and brief. 

Break down the information you get from your monthly District meeting and quarterly Area Assemblies into short bullet points. Think about your group and what might interest them and report those items to them. 

Commonly, you’ll only need to report one or two bullet points each week. Use your Box 459 newsletter as well as the area 48 newsletter newsletter for interesting things going on in Area 48, GSO (General Service Office) and AAWS (A.A. World Services). Often there will be things of interest to your group in these publications. 

If there are items that require an informed group conscience, it’s suggested that you hold a separate business meeting to discuss them and vote. It is best to plan for and announce this business meeting, as well as the topics to be discussed, at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time so members can think about them and plan to attend. This also applies to your conference agenda item presentations. A business meeting may be the perfect place to talk about those items. 

These are guidelines designed to help you be a successful GSR. Use the approach the suits you and your group’s needs best.