Informed Group Conscious Guidelines

When tasked to get an informed group conscience on Service Conference items you’ll receive these guidelines may help you with your group. 

Ask your meeting if they will allow you to talk about the items with time before or after the meeting. If there is no enthusiasm for this suggestion, you can ask group members to come to coffee and discuss the items there. 

You may also want to just mention the items in your weekly report, a few at a time and ask for people to talk to you about them after the meeting. 

If there are other items from the area that are not involved in the conference that need to be addressed, here are some guidelines:

Before you start:
Thoroughly explain the voting process. You may want to use a poster board or a paper. 

Ask for a motion:

Allow time for discussion:
You may want to limit the discussion to 3 Pros and Cons, but the goal is to get an in-formed group conscience so be sure you hear everyone’s ideas. 

Call for a vote:
The vote should show substantial unanimity (all or almost all in agreement), usually 2/3rds.

After the Vote:

Ask for MINORITY OPINION. If someone on the minority side would like to speak to why they voted the way they did, this is their time to speak. 

Motion to reconsider:
This motion must be made by a member who voted with the prevailing side, but it may seconded by anyone.

All Vote on whether to re-vote:
If a simple majority votes for a revote, a second vote on the motion is taken. 

This is only done once.

If time does not allow, you can announce that the issue will be voted on at the next meeting and consider bringing someone with more information in the issue to speak at the next meeting.