GSR Registration

Welcome to General Service in Area 48

Notification of Your Service:

Your A.A. group has selected you as its General Service Representative.  When a GSR, or Alternate GSR, is selected it is important for the group to advise the District, The Area, the local Intergroup/Central Office, and the GSO of the A.A. Group and the GSR contact information.

As the Group Representative, it is usually the GSR who advises A.A. Service Entities to any changes of the meeting name, location, times, etc.  We can play a role in streamlining this notification when you complete the AA Group Information and Change Form below.

Completing this form will immediately advise Area 48, which in turn will ensure that your District DCM and Records person are aware of your new position.  The form you complete will also produce the PDF version of the AA Information and Change Form, which District Records will then forward to the A.A. General Service Office.

You will receive a welcome email from the Area 48 Chairperson, and the GSO will send you a “GSR KIT”.  All U.S. mail correspondence to your mailing address is from Box 459, and not from “Alcoholics Anonymous”.

If you do not have the details relating to your meeting, you can usually find all relevant information in the Area Meeting Schedule – found at:

Thank you for the service you have volunteered for.  The notification form is below: