The A.A. General Service Representative

The brief definition:

“The strength of our whole AA service structure starts with the group and with the GSR the group elects. I cannot emphasize too strongly the GSR’s importance.” – Bill W. 

The General Service Representatives (GSRs) are the very foundation of our general service structure. The GSR makes a group’s voice heard at district meetings, at area assemblies, and eventually at the General Service Conference.  The GSR is responsible for informing the group of Conference Actions that affect AA’s unity, health, and growth. 

The GSR is responsible for making monthly district meetings and attending Area 48 Assemblies, when possible. This ensures that groups are fully informed about all issues that affect AA as a whole. They will be the voice of the group conscience. 

The pamphlet “G.S.R. General Service Representative – Your group’s link to A.A. as a whole” is available from the General Service Office for more information on service responsibilities.

Financial Support: Many groups provide financial support for their general service representatives to attend service functions.